Truths Of The Heart cover

Truths Of The Heart

Truths of the Heart ($25 - On Sale NOW...): Ensnared by life's choices, Professor Rachelle Zannes marries ex-football star turned radio sport's announcer--Carl Bostich. Initially swept up by Carl's panache, mistaking his possessiveness as caring, she soon finds him to be selfish, controlling, and a philanderer. Seth Trudow is an art student taking Rachelle's course. He is attracted to Rachelle and she is to him. At the same time, Seth is entangled with the eccentric Laura Toth, who is as possessive of Seth as Carl is of Rachelle. Read more or Buy Now

The Journalist cover

The Journalist

Zachary Stern believes in facts, and he believes that's what the news should be about. It's how he runs The Boca, his weekly alternative paper in Miami. When a local network affiliate broadcasts a shocking video, something about the damning images sets off an alarm.
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Time and Chance cover


A tangled tale of missing persons, lies, greed and murder. Jack Carr believes in two kinds of time: his and real. He also believes in two kinds of chance: good and bad. Not sure who is writing the larger "script," Jack weaves . . .
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From the Back of the House cover


Memories of a Steak House Clan - Located in Ohio's celebrated Cleveland Flats, Jim's Steak House was the place to go for people from Cleveland to London and beyond. Thousands of patrons from boat captains to school teachers to movers and shakers . . . Read more

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