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A tangled tale of missing persons, lies, greed and murder.

Jack Carr believes in two kinds of time: his and real. He also believes in two kinds of chance: good and bad. Not sure who is writing the larger "script," Jack weaves his way through a host of unsavory characters involved in kidnapping and body part trafficking, falling for an undercover agent in the process and setting both of them up for death.

"...is a nail-biter as you wonder what the hell is going to happen next and as the depth of criminality is revealed. It's powerfully written..." -- Author Juliet Waldron.

"Alcohol, sex, greed and just plain nasty human habits are the gist of this first-person account about a newscaster, his love life, kidnapped children and eviscerated organs. Readers who pick up this book will not be able to put it down." - 4 Stars - Faith V Smith, Romantic Times

"...runs the gamut of emotions along with just the right amount of twists and turns designed to keep the reader twisting and turning -, and reading - As a serious writer, Rockey has the ability, as they might say in Tennessee, to "run with the big dogs," when it comes to spinning the kind of yarn that could easily enter today's best seller list." - Peggy Russell, THE HINCKLEY RECORD



Jack Carr, News Director for Nashville's CBS affiliate TV 12 (WBFN-TV), since he could remember, concluded there are two kinds of time--his and real. Then there was chance. He determined, like time, there are two kinds of chance--good and bad, adding, "If God is involved in any of this we all have a problem."

Jack, just turned forty--black hair flecked with gray, tarnished green eyes, nose slightly off center, flat stomach, five foot ten--people remarked that he resembled somebody they had seen somewhere.

At times of crisis, or times in general, Jack would say:

"Time and chance is mixed up with a fickle free will thing and the exclusive consequences are stuck on the smell of humanity forever.

"Is a minute a minute on a distant star? Is it the same in Xanadu? Did Kubla Khan know?

"On Saturn, spring is nine years long.

"A woman once told me, one plus one is not always two.

"Truth is not pi r squared.

"Hickory dickory dock, the mouse ran up the clock etcetera etcetera etcetera.

"Time smells different to death-row inmates.

"A fork is a fork.

"Turned south, down around the southern tip of Peru.

"When we begin weaving a beginning, the end gets further away, and when we hold on it disappears, and sometimes an end can be better than a beginning.

"Who started this time thing anyhow?

"Take David and Goliath. If Goliath kills David, no story."

Two other things Jack said, on occasion, when disillusioned with the human condition, "You know how many wives Solomon had?" And when things human really got bad, "If I'm wrong, fuck right."

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